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Board Application

Personal Information


Are you a Port Royal landowner or the partner/spouse of a PR landowner?

Please describe relevant experiences (volunteer, non-profit, work) that would benefit the PRCCF Advisory Board (attach a bio or resume if you wish):

Volunteer/Work Experience


Skills and Expertise


Please check area(s) where you have knowledge, skills, and abilities to contribute to the PRCCF Board:

Committee Preference


Advisory Board members are required to serve on at least one of the four PRCCF committees and may serve on multiple committees. Please indicate in order of preference (1-4 where 1 is top preference) which committees you think would be the best fit for you:

Resource Development/Fund Raising






I understand that by submitting this application, I commit to:

  1. Support the mission and purpose of PRCCF through community contacts, personal financial support, and donor relations/development.

  2. Attend at least two-thirds of the scheduled meetings of the Advisory Board (approximately six meetings a year).

  3. Serve on one or more Standing Committees: Grants, Resource Development, Marketing/Communications or Nominating.

  4. Promote the Fund’s effort toward building a closer sense of community among Port Royal landowners.

  5. Recognize the special importance of ethics, including confidentiality and conflict of interest/loyalty, in working with Port Royal Community Charitable Fund’s donors, sponsors, and potential donors.

  6. Sign a Conflict of Interest/Confidentiality Statement, and maintain confidentiality regarding donor information, grantee information, and discussions of the Advisory Board.

I agree to make this commitment and ask to be considered for membership on the Advisory Board.

Thank You for Applying!

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