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Together Helping Others

Port Royal residents volunteer, donate, and advocate for area nonprofits working on issues that are close to their hearts. What happens when these generous residents link their financial resources to support local needs?

That’s the genesis of the Port Royal Community Charitable Fund (PRCCF). Through fundraising activities that engage the Port Royal community and donations consistent with the caring spirit of our neighbors, we will provide grants to nonprofits that are helping meet area needs.

All photos are by Jeanne Befano

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Mission and Purpose

Established in 2021, the PRCCF has a three-pronged mission:

  • To encourage and support the charitable, caring interests of Port Royal residents,

  • To enhance the sense of community among Port Royal residents by having our own charitable fund, and

  • To leverage resources in order to have a larger impact in the greater community.


The PRCCF purpose is to provide grants to benefit our neighbors in Beaufort, Hampton, Jasper, and Colleton counties; to respond to people in need; and to provide resources to help improve the lives of people in the Lowcountry.

Read more about us in this brochure.

Additional information is contained in this flyer.


Advisory Board

The Fund is administered through a volunteer committee of landowners and/or partners of landowners with administrative support from the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry (CFL).

Guiding the PRCCF for 2023-24 are:


  • Chair: Lou Befano

  • Vice Chair: Empty

  • Treasurer: Renee Roth

  • Secretary: Jeanne Befano

Board Members

  • Dea Smith

  • Susan Cole

  • Larry Fleming

  • Richard Moniuszko

  • Paul Parrick

  • Steven Shapiro

  • Linda Tobeson

  • Ed Weinlein

  • Emmy Rooney, Advisor from CFL and a Port Royal resident


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